Train Aviation is founded and managed by Rucsandra Mihai, our lead instructor, who boasts an impressive background of 30 years working with a renowned flag carrier airline and brings extensive knowledge from her experience in presidential flights and executive aviation. She is Vice President of Women in Corporate Aviation since 2020 and the only European member in the founding committee of CCREW, a non-profit organisation for corporate flight attendants in USA.
The extensive industry expertise of our instructors is an advantage when it comes to our courses. Drawing from their years of experience in flag carrier airlines, private aviation and even presidential flights, our instructors bring real-world knowledge that go beyond standard training. Our goal is to provide you with skills and a deep understanding that will give you an edge in the ever changing field of aviation.
Absolutely! Rucsandra has an impressive three decade career, including serving on presidential flights since 1992, in Romania but also in Africa. This extraordinary experience involves providing notch luxury and security services. The knowledge gained from these exceptional assignments is incorporated into our course called "Delivering Luxury, in the Sky " guaranteeing that participants receive the thorough training possible.
One of the standout aspects of our team is THE experience. Raluca for instance has gained expertise in roles within flag carrier airlines, private companies and Middle Eastern carriers. This diverse background greatly enhances the quality of our courses as it provides a perspective and equips participants with the skills to navigate the complex aviation industry.
Our instructors, one occupying diverse positions and being an active member of the biggest international business aviation organisations in the world, and the other one with ongoing active service as a corporate flight attendant, maintain a direct connection with the dynamic aviation industry. This ensures that our courses are not only built on extensive historical knowledge but are also continually updated to reflect the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices.
Beyond the course content, our instructors provide mentorship and guidance based on their extensive careers. We leverage our industry networks to create opportunities for our graduates, facilitating connections with potential employers and sharing valuable insights for career advancement.

Q&A: Elevate Your Flight Attendant Career with Train Aviation

Our "Delivering Luxury in the Sky" course is tailored specifically for corporate flight attendants, focusing on silver service training. This comprehensive program goes beyond standard training, providing insights into the nuances of delivering top-notch service to high-profile clients. From impeccable manners to detailed protocol, this course ensures you stand out in the world of corporate aviation.
Enrolling in this course will provide you with professional training in the corporate aviation sector. Designed to enhance your skills, the training makes you adept at handling the unique demands of high-profile clientele. Elevate your service standards and open up new opportunities in the corporate aviation industry.
Yes, upon successful completion of your "Delivering Luxury in the Sky" course, you will receive a Silver Service certification from Train Aviation. This certification is a testament to your commitment to excellence and can enhance your credibility within the aviation industry.
"Ready for Take Off" is a specialised interview preparation course for aspiring and current flight attendants. It covers the whole range of topics necessary to successfully pass the airline interview: resume building, interview etiquette, role play exercises, group exercises and industry-specific questions. Our goal is to make you gain the confidence and knowledge needed to ace your flight attendant interviews and excel in your aviation career as a flight attendant.
The course is structured into modules, each focusing on a key aspect of the interview process. From understanding the expectations of airlines to role-play situational questions, you'll receive comprehensive guidance. Additionally, we provide personalised feedback to ensure you are well-prepared for the unique challenges of flight attendant interviews.
Absolutely! Many of our clients find value in enrolling in both courses to build a well-rounded skill set. "Delivering Luxury in the Sky" and "Ready for Take Off" complement each other, providing a holistic approach to advancing your career in the aviation industry.
Visit our website www.trainaviation.ro, navigate to the Courses section, and select the course that suits your needs. For enrolment you can send us an email at office@trainaviation.ro or rucsandra@trainaviation.ro and once your advance payment is processed you will straight away gain access to our course materials.
The duration of each course varies. "Delivering Luxury in the Sky" is designed to be completed in two intensive days, the "Ready for Take Off” course is structured with concise modules and can be completed in 2 days also, while the Initial Cabin Crew EASA Attestation is an 11 days training, 5 days online and six days in classroom. Flexibility is key to accommodate your schedule.
Absolutely! Once you've completed a course, you will receive a manual with the most important information in the course for future reference. This allows you to revisit key concepts and refresh your skills whenever needed.
Yes, both courses are designed to benefit both aspiring and experienced flight attendants. Whether you're just starting your career or looking to enhance your skills, our courses provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.
Yes, we frequently offer promotions and discounts, especially for those enrolling in multiple courses. Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about special offers.
ur courses are designed to be interactive, with engaging content and activities. Additionally, we provide a support, where you can reach out to our instructors for clarification or assistance with any course-related queries.
There are no strict requirements. Both courses are open to individuals with a passion for the aviation industry. Whether you're a seasoned flight attendant or a newcomer, our courses are tailored to meet your needs and help you excel in your career.
The EASA Attestation is valid for 5 years, internationally.
You can get your EASA Attestation in 11 days.
No, after successfully completed the training, the EASA certificate will be issued automatically by the Maltese Aviation Authority, TMCAD. It is valid for 5 years, or renewed automatically if you are an active flight attendant, and it is recognised internationally.
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