Rucsandra Mihai

Founder of Train Aviation & Business Aviation Trainer

  • +40 720 535 351

About Me

I’m Rucsandra, Founder and Manager of Train Aviation, a business aviation academy in Bucharest, Romania, and a hub for comprehensive training, which integrates not only professional expertise but also places emphasis on bespoke services.

With 35 years of cruising skies, I’ve held various positions in the aviation industry and accumulated years of experience with a renowned European flag carrier airline. My expertise stems from working in presidential flights and executive aviation across Romania, Africa, and the US. This includes delivering top-notch luxury and security services, and knowledge integrated into our course, „Delivering Luxury in the Sky,” ensuring participants receive comprehensive training.

I bring a wealth of hands-on experience, having flown over 25,000 hours as a former flight attendant in commercial and business aviation. Additionally, I’ve served as a flight instructor, an in-flight auditor, an aviation recruiter, and an internationally certified trainer. Since 2007, I’ve been teaching, training, and mentoring future flight attendants. Thousands of my students now work for leading airlines worldwide.

Since 2020, I have proudly held the title of Vice President of Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA), a non-profit  American organization founded 30 years ago. In this role, I actively promote opportunities for women in business aviation, by providing them a platform for networking and resource exchange, the corporate cabin crew jobs being invaluable for the industry.

I hold a unique position as the only European member on the founding committee of CCREW, a non-profit American organization facilitating resource exchange and networking workshops for business aviation cabin crew members.

Dedicated to my profession, I go beyond course content, acting as a mentor and role model to the next generation of aviation professionals. Leveraging my industry network, I create opportunities for our graduates, connecting them with potential employers and sharing valuable insights for career advancement.

My passion for aviation and love for interacting with people drives me to share my extensive experience and knowledge with students aspiring to achieve excellence in their careers, once they decide they deserve the best.

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