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Established in 2015, Train Aviation specializes in cutting-edge training programs tailored for aspiring cabin crew members and seasoned professionals looking to transition seamlessly from commercial to private aviation.
Our signature training program, “Delivering Luxury in the Sky”, provides a unique approach, eliminating the need for prior aviation experience.

For young individuals aspiring to become cabin crew and excel in interviews, our 'Ready for Take Off' course is your ticket to success. With interview preparation, guides, and mockup interviews, we ensure you step into the aviation industry with confidence and competence.

Join us on a transformative journey – where excellence takes flight, and your dreams of a career in business or commercial aviation become a reality!

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Benefits of our Training

Career Advancement Opportunities:

Elevate your career trajectory with the skills acquired at TrainAviation.ro. Our courses open doors to exciting opportunities in various aviation sectors, allowing you to reach new heights in your professional journey.

Expert Guidance and Industry Insights:

Benefit from our instructors' vast experience in the aviation industry. Gain valuable insights, practical knowledge, and insider tips to thrive in the competitive world of aviation service.

Masterful Interview Techniques:

Gain a competitive edge in airline interviews with our expertly crafted training programs. Learn proven strategies, engage in mock scenarios, and receive personalized guidance to confidently navigate any interview.

Tailored for Aspiring Aviation Professionals:

Our courses cater to young, aspiring individuals looking to join the ranks of cabin crew. Acquire essential skills, tackle interview questions, and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic aviation industry.

Excellence in Corporate Flight Service:

Dive into the exclusive realm of corporate aviation with our training programs. Whether transitioning from commercial aviation or starting a new career path, learn the intricacies of being a VIP flight attendant and delivering unparalleled service in high-end settings.

Seamless Career Transitions:

For seasoned aviation professionals looking to transition to new opportunities, our training provides essential tools and insights for a smooth and successful career shift.

Delivering Luxury in the Sky, Silver Service training for corporate flight attendants

Join us today and we will help you to become a corporate flight attendant in the shortest time

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Duration : 2 Days

Starting From : €750

Date : 30-31 May 2024

Person : Customer Services

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READY for TAKE OFF-interview preparation course for flight attendants

Duration : 2 Days

Starting From : €250

Date : 30-31 May 2024

Person : 18 Years Old

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INITIAL – EASA Cabin Crew Attestation

Duration : 11 Days

Starting From : €1500

Date : 30-31 May 2024

Person : 18 Years Old

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